Our History

A history of innovation.

9th Dimension Biotech, Inc. (9D BIOTECH) is a privately held US biotech company, incorporated in November, 2013 in the State of Oregon, USA, founded by Mrs. Veronica Satchkova, Dr. Bruno Ruggiero, Ph.D., and Mr. David Ristenpart and headquartered at the Ventura BioCenter in Thousand Oaks, California, USA — a leading biotech business incubator in Ventura County, California.

We are led by our CEO, Dr. Ruggiero, a biotech pioneer with over two decades of national and international contributions to the fields of biological science and industry.

9D BIOTECH has a rich portfolio of technologies and is on the path to commercialise the first Osmotin-rich age-reversing product in the world,  placing the company among the leading market players in the rejuvenation race, while also guaranteeing stability for the future of agriculture.


Our Mission

Planting the seeds of human health.

Our mission is to commercialize advanced scientifically acclaimed discoveries in the field of biotechnology for the improvement of both human and environmental health.

9D BIOTECH’s network of cooperations gives us access to some of the world’s top scientific and medical minds and laboratories, allowing us to select and develop the highest quality technologies on international scale for the biggest positive impact possible.

9D BIOTECH’s portfolio grows through the acquisition and licensing of worthy novel technologies and discoveries.