9D BIOTECH NEWS: The Italian 2019 World Rare Disease Day Convention

February 28th, 2019

9D Biotech presented FORZA - our first Osmotin-rich product - at the Rare Diseases Event of the Office of the Prime Minister of Italy.

"I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your participation at the convention I organized in occasion of the 12th annual world rare disease day."
dr.ssa Antonella Picariello

coll. sen. Marco Croatti 

Our CEO, Dr. Bruno Ruggiero, was honored to be invited and to participate at the multilateral convention aimed at shining a light on rare pathologies, providing additional support to research and better assistance to patients by offering a platform for doctors, patients, non-profit organisations, researchers, and political representatives to exchange ideas and discuss innovative approaches together at the highest institutional levels in Italy. 

A special invitation was also extended by the organizers to a diabetes-associated peripheral neuropathy patient from Monte Carlo (see picture above), who had had a fantastic experience with our Forza product and wished to testify about such experience before the Ministry, as part of Dr. Ruggiero's presentation of the results of his latest scientific work. 

We at 9D Biotech greatly appreciate all the support we are receiving! 

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Click on the link below to visit the Italian Ministry of Health's website and learn more about Italy's New National Plan for Rare Disease.

#RareDiseaseDay, verso il nuovo Piano nazionale malattie rare